Community for the Re-education
and growth of Character


This is one of the best and last program I've been in. Hogar CREA is a program that cares for everyone being an African American (myself) I thought that I was not going to feel right but on the contrary they made me feel welcome. Thanks to them I've been clean now for four years Thank you LORD and GOD BLESS Hogar CREA🙏

- Mark Austin

Hogar CREA has saved my son's life. It is such a GREAT Program that they did not charge us one cent. They told us that all he needed was the desire to stop using THANK YOU for giving me my son BACK!!

- Luisa Castillo

I've met some of these guy's when they are out on glam sales and these gentlemen are so polite,Respectful and are always willing to help someone hard to believe that they've been through so much and still hold their heads up high. Oh and they have the best flans also😃

- C.J.

We provide services to the following cities, towns and surrounding regions of NJ: